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Why Buy From Us?

If you are considering ordering on-line- here are 5 attributes that set The Purple Painted Lady apart from other options.

1. Our Level of Customer Service: If you are a customer of ours.....when it comes to customer service- The Purple Painted Lady will go above and beyond. That means if you have a question in the middle of your project, something is not turning out the way you expected it to or are looking for some advice on how to approach your project- all you need to do is call me! Yep, that's right! By purchasing from The Purple Painted Lady- you get a "Chalk Paint® Concierge" if you will! Or- if you are using any other product that we sell- do not hesitate to contact me for help.

Just type my digits into your phone- and voila- you get a real person to talk to. (And yes- it will probably be me, Trish ~ The Purple Painted Lady!) 585.750.6056 My phone number is also noted on every piece of paper that accompanies your package to make it easy for you to find my contact information. (did you ever order something from a place and then you get it- and there is no contact information included, on anything? That so annoys me. Thus why my phone number is on everything!)  

And- since it seems many of our customers have "9-5 jobs" and are evening or weekend warriors- the probability of you having a problem after most shops are closed for the day can be pretty high. Since you cannot tell your wet paint to "hold on" and wait till the following day to dry till you can speak to someone - having a source that offers customer service that is almost 24X7 can be pretty helpful. (I do ask however, that if it is after 10pm Eastern Time, please email or text me) But by placing your order through me- The Purple Painted Lady, all you need to do is give me a call and mention your order number (and yes- I do check my ordering system) At that point- I am all yours! 585.750.6056

2. The Purple Painted Lady Always Has EVERYTHING In Stock: In one of my past lives- I was a software consultant for a Supply Chain company. My focus was to help Fortune 500 companies (like Cisco, Subaru, Dell Computers, HP, Canadian Department of Defense to name a few) strategically forecast so they always had the right part in stock at the right time. I took this experience and apply it to how I run my business and manage inventory. What does this mean to you? (see Below)

3.  We stock our shelves based on a "First IN, First OUT" policy.  Because we rotate our stock - the paint or paint products we ship out are very "fresh."  Referring to paint being "fresh" is odd, but would you want a quart of something that has sat on the shelf for a year?  I wouldn't!

4.  We practice Same Day Shipping: If you place an order- be confident in knowing that The Purple Painted Lady has everything in stock! What does this mean in the end? With the team we have in place- your order ships the same day you placed it - Monday through Friday. (note however, this is as long as your order came in before 3pm EASTERN TIME, because UPS picks up our packages around 3:30pm)

4. Awesome Instructions Are Included With Your Products: Have you ever ordered product from a business and are all excited to receive it, then your package arrives and all that is in it is a quart of paint. You ask yourself, "what do I do now?" Well, when purchasing through The Purple Painted Lady every package goes out with 2 page instructions on the products you just bought. Why do we do this? Because the money you spend on your order- you worked hard for. We want you to get every single ounce of fabulous functionality out of the products we ship to you. We also want you to use the product correctly the FIRST time you try them!

5. We Offer LOW Flat Rate Shipping!: Our low, flat rate shipping costs are strategically based on the amount of money you spend- NOT the weight or the distance between you and I. That means if you are 2 towns away or 15 states away- the shipping is the same. And just an FYI- the UPS cost you pay- is based on the discounted rate we have established due to the volume we ship. It has taken us 5 years of business to be able to do what we do, but we do pass on our savings to you- so I guarantee you - we do not make a profit off of the shipping cost. I also personally guarantee our shipping is extremely competitive. (See chart below)

Order Quantity

Flat Rate Shipping

$0 to $9.99


$10 to $49.99


$50 to $99.99


$100 to $149.99


$150 to $199.99


$200 to $249.99


$250 to $299.99


$300 to $749.99


$750 to $1499.99


$1500 to$ 2499.99


$2500 to 3499.99


$3500 and above


Lastly- although we are promoting ourselves here - something to keep in mind is if you have a local stockist- PLEASE.....go and visit them. When you look at online cost's plus shipping- it is going to be similar to what you pay local! If you have someone local....go and build a relationship with them. Let them help you with your questions and project issues. Go and see their painted pieces....feel the finishes....let them help you "up your game" and support local small business! That is what Annie Sloan is passionate about and you will find- all of the stockist (people who sell Annie Sloan) community are too. BUT- if you do NOT have a local stockist- know that we are here for you! At the end of the day- we all want to help you create something beautiful for your home!   So, with that said....Please visit www.anniesloan.com to find a retailer nearest you.