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Waxine Wax Brush (Small)

Waxine Wax Brush (Small)

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These brushes are proudly hand made in the USA by a small family owned production facility. 
Inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush, the Waxine™ features a shorter handle so that the brush fits into tight areas. The shape is ergonomically designed for comfort throughout long projects. 

The entire brush (handle and bristles) is about 6.5 inches long.  BOTH the Large Waxwell and the SMALLER Waxine have the SAME size handle.  The difference is in the size of the diameter of the brush itself.   The two-inch long and almost 1.5" wide natural bristles are firm and resilient and designed specifically for wax. The flat bottom design makes it the perfect brush for clear wax over absorbent Chalk Paint® and milk paint as it helps massage the wax into the paint with little to no waste. 

Wax will last about 30% longer using these brushes over a cloth and about 15% longer than a softer, looser style wax brush that requires lots of towels to massage in the wax. 

Prior to assembling, the high quality white bristle is sifted to remove “micro hairs”.  After the brushes are glued with extra strong epoxy, the rust resistant nickel plated ferules are hand nailed for extra stability. Then the brushes are cleaned and hand combed to further reduce shedding. 

However, all natural bristle brushes shed and the majority of that happens the first few times you use them.  So, before using your brush, fluff the bristles with your hand several times by rubbing them back and forth vigorously but gently.  You can help pull out any loose hairs.  You can also wash your brush - once or twice before using.  The more you wash them, the less bristles you will lose.

We recommend cleaning with our natural soap (Big Fat Lye or Little White Lye) to keep your brushes at their best. A FREE care card is included with every brush so you can keep it looking and performing great throughout countless projects.

Using Mineral Spirits to remove the wax is fine too, but never leave a brush soaking in it for extended periods of time!

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