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Tung Oil - Miss Mustard Seed 250ml (8 oz.)

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Great for outdoors over Milk Paint.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Tung Oil is a 100% pure all natural hardening oil that provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant finish. Tung oil has been used for centuries and is created by to pressing the seeds from the fruit of the tung tree. Our tung oil has no additives to speed up the curing process (also known as un-polymerized). When tung oil is cured, it provides a non-yellowing plastic-like finish perfect for outdoor use and pieces needing water resistance. Tung Oil is perfect for exterior and interior furniture, such as outdoor wooden furniture, decks, counter tops and painted wood surfaces. This oil provides a soft lustre with a finish that is unrivalled by many other oils.

You can thin our pure tung oil with our Miss Mustard Seed’s Odorless Solvent or use it straight depending on the piece you’re doing. Every piece will absorb and cure differently, depending on the wood surface you are oiling. Soft woods, like pine, need more and hard woods, like walnut, need less.

The deeper you want the oil to penetrate, the thinner the oil needs to be.

You can rag on the oil, or if you are thinning it, mix in a non-plasitc container and then brush on.

When using thinned tung oil, you will need several coats. It is very important to sand very lightly between coats with a 320 grit sanding sponge to provide tooth. For non-food contact use, it’s critical to thin each coat with the first coat being the thinnest (start with 50 percent of our Odorless Solvent). Each successive coat should be thinned less and the last coat must be the thickest. Wipe down after no longer than 15 minutes. Wait a minimum of 48 hours between coats, longer depending on the climate.

Continually wipe excess oil with a cloth while the piece is curing.

Avoid using tung oil on chippy surfaces or peeling surfaces. The bond on a chippy surface is weak so tung oil may lift more paint.

Cleanup: Clean brushes with our Miss Mustard Seed’s Odorless Solvent

Caution: Rags used to apply drying oils are highly combustible. When you’re finished with your rag, hang it outside to dry. To avoid spontaneous composition of oily rags, submerge in a water filled metal container. Be careful disposing of them.

Care: Tung oil is the easiest finish to repair. Simply rub damaged area with 0000-steel wool and apply more Tung oil. When painting over, tung oil must be sanded off.


1 Qt Tung Oil covers aprx 120sw ft 1 Gallon Tung Oil covers aprx 500 sq ft

Coverage will vary depending on what the oil is being applied to. For example, a previously oiled surface will require very little oil; where as bare wood will require more. Just keep in mind; a little oil goes a long way.


Available in 250ml (8 oz.) Food Safe (once cured if not thinned) No VOC’s Biodegradable Sustainable No Chemicals

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