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The Quattro Kit (in honor of Trish's dad, Ralph Migliore)

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This kit is a great option for those who have a well rounded pantry of the "basics" already, meaning wax and such.

"Quattro" means the number four in Italian. This kit is in honor of my Italian dad, Ralph Migliore- who passed from having cancer when I was eleven years old. (he was 47) I do believe people live on by talking about them and sharing "their story."

He was a very unique man - for back in the day. Interesting little things about him:

1. He always did the grocery shopping for my mom! Seriously- he would take me and we would go to this supermarket called "STAR" market. It had a huge green lighted start outside. He seemed to know everyone and I would hear, "Hey Ralphie!" as we walked through.

2. He was a man who always had a big smile on his face and always was the the first to reach out his hand to greet someone! My dad was super friendly and had a wonderful way with people. He was always very quick to lend a hand or to help anyone!

3. He loved his family! He worked hard as a road construction worker - and although it was a seasonal job- he provided for us well. He and my mom made a great team ~ and some how by pinching pennies here and there- my brothers and I never went without what was important and basic needs.

4. He loved to entertain. I can remember as a little girl- almost every Saturday night he and mom would have friends over to play cards. They would cut up pepperoni and cheese and have crackers and chips & dips. (The typical 1970's flare for entertaining in an Italian home) I would be in the living room watching on our big box of a television shows like "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island." I would always fall asleep on the couch and then would be woken up because the laughter coming from the kitchen would be so loud! My dad had a way- that when they all started laughing- as my aunt Joanne Grasta or uncle Al would continue to tell funnier jokes- when my father couldn't take it anymore- he would hit hand against the table like a drum. I remember the laughter and love!

My memories I have of my parents from back then and the feelings that were associated with my home- are all filled with laughter, smiles and everything good.

My dad was my mother's best friend and when he passed- so did that whole chapter of our lives. When I say, everything changed- I do not mean that lightly. I do not share this as so I can say, "poor me." But rather- I wish it had lasted for many decades longer!

Many people who knew him- tell me that I am a lot like him. That makes me smile and feel good...and will bring tears to my eyes.

So, it makes me feel good seeing his name as a reminder of him - when someone places an order for this kit.

My dad taught me quite a bit in the short time I had him, and even through his death- I learned that love always lives on. I think my dad would be very happy where my life has taken me and this is my way of sharing a little bit of him and my life with you.

**THIS kits is available on-line OR in our Macedon Location. IN our Baldwinsville location- you must bring a print out of this item to receive pricing. Kits are NOT available in Greece.

So, the "Quattro Kit" offers:

* FOUR litres of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan IN YOUR CHOICE 

THEN, choose ONE of the following: 

* 8 ounce Artisan Enhancement Crackle Tex (creates big bold crackle)


* 8 ounce Artisan Enhancement Easy Crackle (creates a finer crackle)


* 8 ounce Artisan Enhancement Transfer Gel


* 8 ounce Artisan Enhancement Fine Stone


* 1.5 inch Purdy Brush Natural White China bristles


* Paint Comb (great to use when cleaning your paint brushes)


*Scrubby Soap (soap infused scrubber, removes paint, oil, dirt, grease, and more)

Grazie ~ (That means "Thank you" in Italian)

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