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The Perfect Paint Brush

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The Perfect Paint Brush is sponsored by The Purple Painted Lady.  It is about 9" long from end to end...the perfect length if you ask us! The smooth handle - which is finish with a lacquer coating is about 6" and from the aluminum ferule to the bristles is about 3" long.  

The smooth lacquered handle, with the perfect crevice fits into your hand perfectly. The aluminum ferule is secured with adhesive, and is also tacked in place. The bristles are the finest, high grade bristles. 

Please NOTE that all brushes go through a conditioning process - (that means they lose hairs when you first start using them, and then a few each use)  This is most typical during the first few uses because any hairs that did not quite get all the way secured during the manufacturing will come lose and fall off.  We recommend "conditioning" your brush.  You can do this a couple of ways.  First, just take your hands and with your thumb, slide it across the bristles and and make it fan open - like you would with a deck of cards when shuffling. Basically- we are trying to help those lose bristles fall out sooner versus later.  Also, you can follow our instructions and clean your brush, even before your first use, to remove any loose bristles. You should NEVER soak your brush when cleaning!!! Make sure to let your brush thoroughly dry before using.  This will sometimes take waiting overnight.

The weight  of this brush is very comfortable too...it is light enough so when it is loaded with paint, it is still comfortable to hold!
We have some great YOUTUBE videos on The Purple Painted Lady channel that you might want to watch.  Check us out there and on Facebook.

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