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Textura Paste by Wood Icing™ 8 oz

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Textura Paste Quart
Coverage:                32 oz. (Qt.).............16 sq. ft. 
Textura Paste is a water-based acrylic product, which has the consistency of peanut butter. This may be spread with a spatula or trowel then impressions and designs are made with any number of objects or tools. Use foam rubber stamps, mesh, lace, and numerous other materials. Another option is to trowel Textura Paste through a stencil for a raised design.

You may also apply our Textura Paste through a stencil directly onto bare or unfinished wood. Once it has been stained it is hard to tell the difference of real carved wood and a Wood Icing design.

The Textura Paste should be allowed to dry overnight to a hard crispy surface, then sand to remove the high spots and clean up the surface. Stain, glaze or paint. Once the project is complete, apply two to three coats of protective polyurethane for the final finish. You may use oil-based or a water based polyurethane.

Textura Paste should have the consistency of peanut butter. Sometimes extura Paste batches vary slightly in the viscosity. Some will be a little thinner than normal.  However, it will thicken up over time. But for the immediate use, scoop out a small amount and allow it thicken up a bit.  Be sure to pay attention though!  This will not take that long so don’t leave it set for an extended amount of time!!

One other thing you should know, if you are using a stamp for an impression, the key to success to to spray the stamp with water just before pressing into the paste.  I know that sounds counterintuitive but if you do not do that the paste will stick to the stamp and  it will fail.   You can also spread a little paste and let that dry out a bit before stamping the wet stamp into it.  

With newbie artist there is always a learning curve.  Artist that work with various paste products intuitively know there will be variables in the viscosity and know how to manage that from project to project. 
But for some who are new to this, it may be frustrating at first.  We encourage you to be patient with the process.

Clean up with soap and water 

** Try our Wood Icing™ Furniture Glazing Colors 
Water based translucent colors used to create a wood tone color effect over textured finishes created with the Wood Icing™ Textura Paste. 

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