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Renaissance Gold Gilding Wax PEBEO

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Add sparkle to your projects with Empire Gold Gilding Wax - along with the other colors, mix them for a multitude of color variations like Platinum or Gold Leaf.

This gilding wax is the darkest of them all. It has a slight copper tone to it, definitely more red within this gold compared to King's Gold or Empire Gold.

Guide to Using Gilding Waxes

Gilding waxes are easy and fun to use. They add a little sparkle to any project, humble or grand. You can use a small brush but personally I prefer using my finger to apply the waxes. There is something about the way your finger can just glide across the surface of a bead or relief that looks natural and authentic. Gilding waxes are the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf but are infinitely easier to apply and come in stunningly beautiful colors.

By dipping a small 1" or 2" brush into mineral spirits wiping the excess on a paper towel, then dipping into the wax you can create a beautiful metallic glaze for your entire piece.

Mixing the gilding waxes together allows you a larger range of colors in which to make your piece unique. Try mixing Silver and Brass or Empire for an exceptional platinum color.

Like all wax, the gilding waxes clean up with mineral spirits. If you get a bit in an unwanted spot simply saturate a cotton swab with a dab of mineral spirits and wipe the area clean. OR- I PREFER to use a little of Annie's Clear Wax on a rag and wipe off the extra gilding- this works like a charm!

In the sense of at what point do you apply Gilding Wax to your painted project piece....is the very last step. Sort of like adding roses on a Birthday cake. You don't place roses on the cake and then - refrost it. : )

You will immediately realize how the French Gilding Wax transforms something simple & pretty to something that is haute & exquisite. It made me think, "French Gilding Wax- Adding Ooh-la-la- for minimal Moola-la!" ..and thus, my post began to unfold.

French Gilding Wax is so easy to use! No fancy tool, just literally opened the top of the 30 ml glass container and using my finger- lightly touched the creamy Gilding Wax. It has a smooth-silky feel to it! Very luscious.

Using my pinky finger, I rub some of the Gilding Wax to my sample board...and WOW! The areas I wanted to accentuate- danced with luster. The French Gilding Wax was incredibly easy to use and I immediately started to think of all the projects I plan on using this with.

French Gilding Wax is sold for $21.95 per container.

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