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Pearlescent Glaze 250mL by Annie Sloan

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Pearlescent Glaze 250mL by Annie Sloan   

Annie's Pearlescent Glaze  is a translucent product for interior use only.  This product CANNOT be applied OVER wax!!

COVERAGE can vary depending on how you use it as options are noted below.  Each tin if brushing on straight over a surface, one coat will cover roughly 65 sq ft,    

It has similar properties as Annie's Lacquer and will emphasize brush strokes.  On larger, flat surfaces we would suggest stippling the Pearlescent versus brushing or rolling for a second coat.  We recommend testing this prior to confirm that it is to your liking.  

Pearlescent Glaze can be used over Chalk Paint® or mix in a small amount of Chalk Paint® to tint the glaze to create a shimmering shade.

Like Lacquer, brush strokes will be emphasized so use a foam roller to minimize strokes.  It can be used on interior projects such as floors, walls and furniture.  

Pearlescent Glaze is a water based light-reflecting decorative finish suitable for use on indoor furniture, walls and floors - whether painted or unpainted.  Pearlescent Glaze will give a sublime, high-end, lustrous finish.  Apply over Chalk Paint®  for a more intense opalescence or mix with very small additions of Chalk Paint® to create gently shimmering, translucent shades.  Pearlescent Glaze gives a durable finish, similar to Lacquer.  

Mix well to dispense pearlescent particles before use!!!  Otherwise, your outcome will not be what you are hoping for.  

Always paint a test patch in several areas before starting your project.  Ensure the surface you're working on is dry and dust-free.  For best results use over dry Chalk Paint®.  Apply one or two coats with an Annie Sloan Flat Brush on for for detailed patterned work use an Annie Sloan  Detail Brush.  To create a smoother finish apply using an Annie Sloan Sponge Roller or a paint sprayer.  

For detailed work apply Chalk Paint® Lacquer over Chalk Paint® before applying the Pearlescent Glaze to ensure that the entire piece of furniture is protected.  Alternatively, use Chalk Paint® Wax after applying Pearlescent Glaze to details.  Simply make sure to wipe excess wax away from Glazed areas to keep the finish bright.  

DRYING TIME is approximately 2 hours depending on your conditions.  If you are in a rainy and damp area, it will take longer compared to being somewhere warm and dry.

AFTERCARE OF YOUR BRUSHES:  Immediately after using, wash your brushes or rollers with warm soapy water.  

MAINTENANCE of PEARLIZED SURFACES:   Avoid regular use of harsh chemicals.  Re-apply as and when necessary.  

SHELF LIFE: Use within one year of purchase.


1. HIGHLIGHT   Use to highlight mouldings, cornicing and carvings.  The light reflective attributes of Pearlescent Glaze will catch the eye and gently emphasize structural details.

2. BRUSH STROKES and marks will be accentuated due to light reflective qualities of the glaze. 

3. HIGH TRAFFIC USE?  If using in an area with high traffic, like floors and kitchens, apply a coat of Annie's Lacquer over the flaze for extra protection.

4. PEARLESCENT GLAZE OVER LIGHT COLORED CHALK PAINT?   Try applying over light Chalk Paint® colors such as Old White for the most intense pearlescent results.  Two solid coats ensures best effects and sufficient protection without the need for was or Lacquer.

5. MIMIC BONE INLAY  Apply the Pearlescent Glaze over your Chalk Paint® base color.  Paint bone inlay pattern with Chalk Paint® in Old White using a small Annie Sloan Detail Brush.  Layer Pearlescent Glaze over the Old White marking once they are dry.  Then apply Annie's Clear Wax and wipe away excess.

6. TINTING PEARLESCENT GLAZE WITH CHALK PAINT®  Create an unlimited spectrum of opaline shades by adding a tiny amount of Chalk Paint® in the color of your choice to the Pearlescent Glaze.  Adding too much Chalk Paint® will reduce the pearlescent effect, so be economical and ...it will decrease the open play time of the product.  

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