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Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® Litre

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California Prop 65 Warning - Visit HERE.

This is a different color than the Napoleonic Blue that was packaged in a QUART!      NOTE that due to the Global Transitioning of paint- this color has changed!  It is more of a cone flower blue. It is different from  what was available prior to 2019.  Contact us at 585.750.6056 with questions!!!
1 Litre will cover around 120 square feet...give or take!

This is NOT Navy!    A deep true blue that is the color of fresh picked blueberries- perfect for creating the Union Jack flag! Napoleonic Blue is inspired by the ultramarine and cobalt blue pigments used for decorative work in everything from neoclassical interiors through to modern 20th-century decoration.  It is not a Navy.   
See our video on the shift in color HERE.

Here are some "Navy" recipes to try:

* mix Napoleonic Blue with Graphite.  Equal amounts of both.  

OR 10% Barcelona Orange to 90% Napoleonic Blue.  And don't judge it till it dries!

Note: Colors that appear on your computer screen may not be a true representation of the actual finished color. Colors will vary depending on your screen settings.    


Chalk Paint®? by Annie Sloan is sold all over the world. Russia, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Greece and Mars. (only joking about Mars....but maybe someday!) Through our 2019.....the packaging of paint will be transitioning so all countries are aligned and in the USA, the 32 ounce quart (being a little redundant there......lol) containers will be going to liters...which is around 34 ounces.  Besides the change of more paint- the liter's lids are just a little different and take a softer hand to open and close. Use a paint can opener and wiggle it around the lid completely.  

You will find the Pure White in the liters will be slightly thicker- here are some tips when using:
1. A light touch with your brush is needed. It spreads much more easily than trying to push the paint around. Using an Annie Sloan paint brush is important.
2. A spray bottle will be your new best friend and you may find it will really help if you are painting in a linear motion. 
3. Use your spray bottle to wet sand with Annie's sanding pads. You will find that it distresses the paint beautifully! 

Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue is a great color for your painting pantry since it is - by default - a primary color! Have this so you can mix other colors, such as:

Peacock Blue Chalk Paint®: Mix 2 Napoleonic Blue + 1 part Antibes Green + 1 part Aubusson Blue

Looking for the Sample Pot of Napoleonic Blue? We sell them for $11.95 HERE

Don't forget when purchasing Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan- to consider purchasing her Clear Wax also. Annie's paint and wax were created to partner perfectly together! The paint itself will harden but the wax will truly protect it! The wax does completely harden and it becomes hard and is water repellent. It is a wonderful protective finish that you can buff once dry- to the sheen you desire.

Some photos, displays and work designed and created by Annie Sloan.

To find a stockist near you, visit AnnieSloan.com

Some photos, displays and work designed and created by Annie Sloan.

We are sorry – there are NO RETURNs when it comes to paint. You will find this for every stockist. Think about it- would you ever want a quart of paint sent to you - that was shipped to someone else prior? We eliminate any potential issues with this policy.

With that said- we apologize for any issues this may cause. Choose wisely and do not spontaneously purchase a color if unsure. OK? In fact- if you need help in deciding- ask us. We are here to help you! : )

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