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Denim Jacket with Heart filled with Flowers - SMALL

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JoAnne from J Wil Studios in western NY is an artist at our annual September Art Festival!  She is the artist who created this funky design painted with a product designed specifically for fabric.  This denim jacket is a very light color- almost bleached.  There is intentional distressing on the jacket - and it was manufactured by AEROPOSTALE to be this way.  The design was heat set.  This is an AEROPOSTALE SMALL sized jacket that was embellished with this funky blue, indigo painted heart filled flowers that remind me of Clematis that grow on a vine every spring at my home.  Clematis is a a climbing plant of the buttercup family which bears white, pink, or purple flowers and feathery seeds.

Wearable Art Care Instructions:  First- do NOT wash frequently.  In fact- I would recommend just spot treat.  This is a jacket, not a shirt - so unless you are messy- that should not be a problem.  However, if you need to wash the jacket, I would turn it inside out and wash it by hand using baby laundry detergent.  Something gentle is ideal.  Use only cold water and then hang to dry.  

Wearable art is not returnable- so if you have questions on sizes or design- call or text us at 585.750.6056.  We want you to be happy with your purchase- so ask first and purchase second.  
XO~ Trish

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