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Dark Chalk Paint Wax - 500 mL

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This is Dark Chalk Paint Wax - Formally known as Soft Wax - THIS is a BROWN color..not black!   Find BLACK Wax HERE.
Again, SOft Wax and Chalk Paint Wax are the SAME product.  Just new branding!  This is the LARGEST container of DARK Wax that Annie Sloan offers.

NOTE:  In 2019- Annie's wax became certified as Non-Hazardous Wax.  The color has slightly changed and is not as dark as it use to be. 

(NOTE:  You apply CLEAR WAX FIRST- then Dark Wax typically.  Especially if applying over light colored paint.  However- if going over on dark colored paints- there is an exception)

To age and give texture to your paint.  Apply the Clear Wax first - remove excess .......and then apply the Dark Wax.

I typically apply the clear wax, remove the excess. Then, apply the dark wax. Make sure to read my post about dark wax regarding how to apply it properly! It is called, "Don't be afraid of the Dark" Click HERE to read it!!!!

Wipe clean regularly and use a gentle spray cleaner for tough areas- but make sure it does not contain a de-greaser, which will hurt the wax. Also- with dark wax- be careful to not overly clean and lift off the dark.

Also- we recommend ALWAYS using Annie's Wax with her Chalk Paint®!

It is important to understand that once you wax a piece of furniture, you cannot apply polyurethane, Lacquer, shellac, varnish, urethane, etc.... over wax.  It will eventually peel off.  You may not have a problem right away, but it will be a problem.  I guarantee that.  : (   You can use a furniture oil...like Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil...and once fully cured, you can use wax but not the other way around. (I don't know why you would wax over oil, but just an FYI if you are considering it.)

You can color the Dark Wax to make it less brown by using a little of our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the wax. Use Old White to make white wax or a bit of Annie Sloan Aubusson Chalk Paint to make the wax almost black.

As noted in a post earlier, the waxes can become very soft in heat, so store them in a cool place. Note though that the heat or cold, will NOT ruin your wax!   You can put in refrigerator for short time if needed. The wax is the consistency of soft butter.

This furniture wax will rejuvenate, restore the shine, and protect all interior painted and wooden surfaces.

Consider taking a class from a stockist to learn all the ways to maximize using your Annie Sloan Dark Wax or for more terrific project ideas, we highly recommend Annie Sloan's book, "Quick and Easy Paint Transformations". It contains 50 Chalk Paint projects that will inspire and instruct you.

Here is some additional information I would like to share in case you are wondering if you could use another type of wax- like Briwax. First- never use Briwax. It has an ingredient called Toluene in it. Which is awful! Briwax is terrible with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Basically the toluene works as sort of paint stripper!

We are sorry – there are NO RETURNs when it comes to wax.  To ship wax- we go through an extensive certification process through the Department of Transportation, Federal Government.  

As for the paint- there are no returns/exchanges either...... You will find this for every stockist. Think about it- would you ever want a quart of paint sent to you - that was shipped to someone else prior? We eliminate any potential issues with this policy.

But....with that said- we apologize for any issues this may cause. Choose wisely and do not spontaneously purchase a color if unsure. OK? In fact- if you need help in deciding- ask us. We are here to help you! : )

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