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Copper Reactive Metallic Paint 6 oz STEP 2 for Patina Copper

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AFTER you have applied the Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer and you are wanting to create a patina copper look, THIS (Copper Reactive Metallic Paint) is STEP 2.

This is a 6 ounce bottle.

Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints are water-based and contain real copper, brass, bronze, or iron particles. Obviously- this has real copper in it. These paints will tarnish over time when exposed to the elements.

When using this product to create that beautiful "green/blue" patina look to it- you apply a uniform coat of the copper.

If applying to a flat surface- you should have built a dam around the outer edge using your Metal Effect Acid Blocking Primer. Continue to build up a dam with your copper metallic paint also.

Ideally, you will apply TWO coats of the copper. First coat should be uniform and thin. Let dry thoroughly. Then apply second coat.

To start STEP 3. => YOU ALWAYS WANT TO WORK WITH YOUR GREEN & BLUE ACTIVATORS WHILE YOUR COPPER IS "WET." If your copper paint dries- it will not react properly.

Apply copper paint in various ways, such as:

1. Rolling on the copper base gives you a smoother, softer look.

2. Swirling copper base on gives you more dimension and pattern, where the activator sits down in the crevices and activates differently in the high areas.

3. You can leave some of the copper paint without activator and it will remain shiney and contrast against the patinas.

We are sorry – there are NO RETURNs when it comes to paint products.

With that said- we apologize for any issues this may cause. Choose wisely and do not spontaneously purchase a color or product if unsure. OK? In fact- if you need help in deciding- ask us. We are here to help you! : ) 585-750-6056

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