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Cheesecloth Pack (10 Sheets)

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These “Better Than Cheesecloth”™ towels are an option for removing wax over lighter colored paints.  I would recommend Scott BLUE Shop Towels over darker colors.    These are the best towels out there for wiping and buffing wax. If you need a lint-free towel, this is what you’ve been looking for. Terry towels are too rough (not to mention way too linty!) T-shirts are too smooth. Bed sheets are too tightly woven. I have tried it all! These towels seem to be very popular.  Something to try- is washing these PRIOR to use in the washing machine WITHOUT detergent.  Then, throw them in the dryer WITHOUT a dryer sheet.  This will get any and all possible loose threads off.  We do NOT recommend these when waxing over darker colored paints! 

These towels are also wonderful for applying shellac to projects.


I prefer to use shellac in a container. Do not shake the shellac but rather stir it or roll the container in your hands prior. I use a lint free, cotton rag to apply the shellac. I usually take a rag and fold it into four's. The I dip an edge into the shellac and wipe it on the piece in the same direction that I will be applying the paint. (usually the same direction as the wood grain.)

Lastly, "Can you wash the towels or rags that you use for waxing furniture?"

That is a question I am often asked. My response is yes....BUT! .....I would NOT wash them in my washing machine or place them in my clothes dryer. Here is what you should do:

Place the dirty towels in a plastic bucket (the kind you would use to wash your car) and fill it with really hot - hot water and dish soap. (use a dish soap that contains a degreaser like Dawn Platinum.) Then swirl them around using a wooden stick. Make sure there enough hot water that it covers the towels totally and they have room to agitate.

Once the hot water cools a bit, feel free to ring them out. Then- (and VERY important) ...hang them on a clothes line to dry.

Two important reasons why NOT to use your washing machine or dryer! 1. you do not want any residual wax getting in your washer or dryer- where it could then transfer onto your nice clothes! 2. wax can be flammable. (So, with that said- let's keep it away from a heat source - like a dryer.)

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