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"Better Than Cheesecloth"™ Towels (5 for $5)

"Better Than Cheesecloth"™ Towels (5 for $5)

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These “Better Than Cheesecloth”™ towels are an option for removing wax. These are especially awesome when waxing a piece that was done with a dark Chalk Paint® color since there is no lint. These are the best towels out there for wiping and buffing wax. If you need a lint-free towel, this is what you’ve been looking for. Terry towels are too rough (not to mention way too linty!) T-shirts are too smooth. Bed sheets are too tightly woven. I have tried it all! These towels seem to be very popular.  Something to try- is washing these PRIOR to use in the washing machine WITHOUT detergent.  Then, throw them in the dryer WITHOUT a dryer sheet.  This will get any and all possible loose threads off.  This is especially important when using these rags with dark colored Chalk Paint® ~ like Graphite, Napoleonic Blue, dark reds, etc.  

These towels are also wonderful for applying shellac to projects.


I prefer to use shellac in a container. Do not shake the shellac but rather stir it or roll the container in your hands prior. I use a lint free, cotton rag to apply the shellac. I usually take a rag and fold it into four's. The I dip an edge into the shellac and wipe it on the piece in the same direction that I will be applying the paint. (usually the same direction as the wood grain.)

Lastly, "Can you wash the towels or rags that you use for waxing furniture?"

That is a question I am often asked. My response is yes....BUT! .....I would NOT wash them in my washing machine or place them in my clothes dryer. Here is what you should do:

Place the dirty towels in a plastic bucket (the kind you would use to wash your car) and fill it with really hot - hot water and dish soap. (use a dish soap that contains a degreaser like Dawn Platinum.) Then swirl them around using a wooden stick. Make sure there enough hot water that it covers the towels totally and they have room to agitate.

Once the hot water cools a bit, feel free to ring them out. Then- (and VERY important) ...hang them on a clothes line to dry.

Two important reasons why NOT to use your washing machine or dryer! 1. you do not want any residual wax getting in your washer or dryer- where it could then transfer onto your nice clothes! 2. wax can be flammable. (So, with that said- let's keep it away from a heat source - like a dryer.)

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