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Artisan Enhancements - Clear Finish Quart (satin / glossy finish)

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Artisan Enhancements - Clear Finish QUART (satin / glossy...although it may appear more matte over Chalk Paint®)   If choosing to NOT use wax or using this over Chalk Paint®- this is ideal over the "WHITE" chalk paint® colors.  If purchasing more than one quart- always "batch" your quarts together after mixing them individually...and then, mix them again once all are consolidated into a larger container.

Clear Finish is a water based, NO VOC, acrylic varnish. But PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED WITH WAX! ....Let's repeat that- this does NOT go over wax!

It is WHITE in color, but will dry clear (as long as it is applied in a uniform, thin coat.)  This is what we recommend to apply over Pure White, Bright Whites- BECAUSE IT DOES NOT YELLOW! 

When using pure/bright white paints- since they do not have many color blocking pigments, proper steps need to be taken in the prep stage to avoid reactions and bleed throughs that are more visible on white paint finishes because of their lack of pigment.

What causes yellowing of most sealers (not just ours) is one of the following:
1. Some sealers are made with Oils and Resins that are not light stable - which will cause them to yellow if exposed UV.
2. Chemical reactions from caustic and chemical cleaners. The paints and sealers re-wet the chemicals bringing them to surface causing the reaction.
3. Tannin, Old oil finishes like hemp or linseed, or stuck on grime bleeds. Paint and sealers re-wet and activate the tannins/oil/grime bringing them to surface causing the bleed through.

Clear finish does not contain any oil or resin to yellow. We formulated the product to be light stable and hold up with exposure in UV. In the four years since we have released the product we have only had a single handful of reports of "yellowing". All causes were prep issues either chemical or bleed. Each case solved by sanding back the Clear Finish to expose the paint layer. Sealing with water-based primer.

The finish will be satin or glossy depending what you are covering.

Clear Finish is a semi-gloss to glossy acrylic sealer. Acrylic finishes are durable and less moisture permeable, but all acrylic coatings are prone to water spotting, discoloration, and staining if spills are not wiped up immediately and left to sit. If spills are left sit on the surface, even if they are just water...discoloration, spotting, and staining can happen. Standard care for Clear Finish is the same as Clear Wax. Spills and condensation should be wiped up immediately to avoid permanent discoloration, spotting, and staining.

(Stains and discoloration are more noticeable in the semi gloss - gloss surfaces because of the sheen change. Especially on lighter colors because of the contrast. Water spotting in more noticeable on darker colors because of the contrast and sheen change.)

If choosing to NOT use wax or using this over Chalk Paint®- this is ideal over the "WHITE" chalk paint® colors.

PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED OVER WAX! ....Let's repeat that- this does NOT go over wax!

It also works well over foils, all white colored paints, cabinets or anything you want to have a higher sheen on.


It is important to apply using a brush specifically made for "varnishes."  This  Topcoat/Varnish brush. is handmade in Sweden and is a very high quality lightweight brush. This tool is mostly made with natural bristles but has a light blend of synthetic bristles to lessen the opportunities for brush strokes. A huge benefit of this brush is that it helps you not apply too much Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish (which many people do when using a fully synthetic brush). It also works well with any other oil based products or stains. Clean up is easy with soap and water.


The dry time is about 30 minutes.

This product is sustainable and natural. So, they are sensitive to harsh chemicals- in case you experiment with other products.

Refrain from cleaning your pieces with traditional chemical cleaners and opt for soap and water or warm moist rags.

This product is NOT sandable- meaning do NOT distress with sandpaper once applied because it will looked scratched.

Allow finish piece or surface to "cure" for at least 48 hours before using!

COVERAGE:   This container will cover approximately 140 to 150 sq ft.


Painted decorative finishes should be protected to maintain durability during use. Table tops needs to be protected with a heat mat, placemats, and coasters.

For cleaning, spills and condensation should be wiped up immediately with a soft dry cloth, such as microfiber, to avoid permanent water spotting/stains and abrasion. Abrasion can lead to dulling of gloss finish and accidentally stripping of the finish overtime. If spills require more than a dry cloth, a damp cloth and a very mild soap can be used if necessary. Do not soak cloths or let water pool on surface - over wetting can lead to permanent water spotting.

For cleaners we recommend diluting a mild general purpose cleaner.   Some people use all purpose "Method" cleaner which is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner that is more readily available for consumers but... we always recommend diluting to be on the safe side.

Avoid bleach/caustic/abrasive/chemical solvent based cleaners that can strip varnishes or lead to permanent discoloration.

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