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Annie Sloan Small Wax Brush

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These new pure bristle Wax Brushes feature short, ergonomic handles to make working wax into paintwork easier than ever. They are shaped to a point so you can get wax into detailed areas and move around in tight spaces. The point is shaped rather than cut making use of the natural split end of the bristle, resulting in these brushes being the best performing and longest lasting wax brushes on the market.

Wax will last about 30% longer using a wax brush over a cloth and about 15% longer than a softer, looser style wax brush that requires lots of towels to massage in the wax. 

All natural bristle brushes shed and the majority of that happens the first few times you use them.  So, before using your brush, fluff the bristles with your hand several times by rubbing them back and forth vigorously but gently.  You can help pull out any loose hairs.  You can also wash your brush - once or twice before using.  The more you wash them, the less bristles you will lose.

The shorter handle has been designed to get into awkward spaces with limited access and the pointed end is good for intricate carving.

I find I apply the wax with the brush to make it easy and the get into the difficult to reach areas and then wipe it 'off' with a cloth. The following information was provided by the team at Annie Sloan:


- Apply the wax with the brush in one area and move on quickly, avoiding overworking. Then use a clean or slightly waxed rag to wipe off or rub in excess wax. It’s a few swipes with a cloth and then left.

- It’s important not to overwork with your brush when waxing. Working the wax in to the paint with the brush until there is no excess is unnecessary hard work.

- You don't particularly need more force for waxing than you do for painting.

- You're better off buffing with a rag than with a brush. It's requires far less effort for the same result. If you want to buff it to a shine, leave it overnight to harden then polish. - If you're breaking a sweat, you're working it too hard!

Brush care:

- Washing with dish soap will not have a dramatic effect on the life of a brush. Having said that, it’s best not to use too much, too often. Just think of how well you treat the hair on your head.

- The type of bristle used on our brushes is also traditionally used for oil paints, so the brushes can withstand abrasive substances like white spirit (mineral spirit).

- It's best to avoid using anything with bleach (chlorine) in it.

Design and construction:

Annie Sloan bristle brushes are hand made in Italy to the highest standards. The bristles are attached using the strongest adhesive available: a 2-part epoxy resin. There is absolutely no way that the bristles could be pushed up into the ferrule... it's just not possible, there's nowhere for them to go. We designed the brushes with an oversized ferrule because we observed people (including Annie and myself) holding brushes on the ferrule, rather than the handle, when waxing.

To find a stockist near you, visit AnnieSloan.com

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