Shipping Rates

The Purple Painted Lady was once a Supply Chain Software Consultant to Cisco Systems, Dell Computers and Subaru. When it comes to ALWAYS having product in stock- she knows what she is doing! This is important for you - since your package will ship same day!

We also offer the LOWEST flat rate shipping you will find in the USA! We include instructions with all packages so you know how to maximize the functionality of your products! We have to apologize though if you are in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada. We only ship inside the continental United States.

Give us a try...I guarantee you will be extremely delighted in our service!

Order Quantity Flat Rate Shipping
$0 to $9.99 $4.50
$10 to $49.99 $8.00
$50 to $99.99 $12.00
$100 to $149.99 $15.00
$150 to $199.99 $17.00
$200 to $249.99 $20.00
$250 to $299.99 $22.00
$300 and above $30.00