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Kitchen Cabinet Workshop Sunday, May 7th from 12 til 6pm at our Village Gate

Kitchen Cabinet Workshop Sunday, May 7th from 12 til 6pm at our Village Gate

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Kitchen Cabinet Workshop Sunday, May 7th from 12 til 6pm at our Village Gate location at 274 Goodman Street North, Rochester NY (near the Memorial Art Gallery)

This Kitchen Cabinet Workshop is focused on using products by Annie Sloan.  Participants should come to the workshop already knowing which color of the 35 in Annie Sloan's suite they will be using.  Unfortunately, there will not enough time to do a color consultation.  So, set up a time prior to your workshop to come in with photos of your home or an inspiration photo and let us help you with color suggestions.  You should also come to the class with your homework completed of a layout of your kitchen cabinets with measurements noted- so we can help you calculate your square footage.  See image in the photos of our suggestion on how to do this.

So, if you want to paint your kitchen cabinets and want to make sure you do everything correctly the first time so that in a year you do not have chipping...this is the class for you!

In this workshop we will be covering all of the steps and techniques for you to achieve a beautiful, durable and long lasting finish for your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity cabinets.  Basically, we will hold your hand and coach you through...making sure you properly prep the cabinet with the correct way to clean to guarantee adhesion, reminders on how to apply your paint in the same direction as the wood grain, and respecting the seams that exist based on assembly and the layout of the stiles, laying of your paint to get a smooth and cohesive look and...well....sign up and you will find out.  

There is a reason that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is the NUMBER ONE demanded product globally for painting kitchen cabinets and furniture.   Come and experience this amazing product first hand!

Cabinet doors should be 17" x 23" or smaller OR a drawer front is acceptable to bring also.  We will be focusing on just the front of the door.  

We will walk you through and hold your hand through the preparation process, painting, distressing of corners (if desired) and then the final process, applying of the wax top coat so that you will then be able to complete the remainder of your home project with solid confidence and knowledge.  This workshop is focused on a one color application OR a two color distress.

All materials and tools to complete your cabinet in this "in store" workshop will be provided.    If work is not completed between the designated 12 - 6 pm time frame, materials and tools will not be sent home with you.  But you can book additional studio time at our Village Gate location.  So, if you choose to do a two tone distress or additional applications, such as a wash- studio time may be required but not necessarily.   Truly though- unless you talk and drink alcohol the whole time you are with us...there is really no way  that your cabinet door shouldn't be complete in this time frame!

Since a fair portion of this workshop is waiting for paint to dry, there are quite a few restaurants with in Village Gate to get a bite to eat at.  During down time, instruction and Q&A will continue however.  

You are welcome to bring some of your favorite snacks or beverages also with you.

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