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Annie Sloan Craqueleur Step 2 (you need to order Step 1 also)

Annie Sloan Craqueleur Step 2 (you need to order Step 1 also)

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Crackle Varnish - Step 2 (NOTE: Step 1 is Sold Separately) ps I sell them separately versus making you buy the pair since some people may have more left over of one of the steps- so why make you spend ~ $40 if all you need is step 1. Hope that makes sense to you!

This is a TWO part process. It is perfect for achieving a crackled varnish finish like an old master painting. The size of the cracks can be varied according to how fine a layer of the Step 2 is applied in particular. The thinner it is, the smaller the cracks. The thicker step 2 is applied, the bigger the cracks. Use a hair dryer to blast with hot heat to accelerate the crackle.

Each jar consists of 100ml.

Coverage is approximately 20 s/f for step 1 and step 2 is usually a little less since that is dependent on how thickly you apply it.


As stated before...Annie Sloan Craqueleur is a 2-part, water-based crackle finish system for use over painted, decoupaged, and stenciled surfaces. Step 1 and Step 2 combine to create an irregular fine crackle pattern that simulates the look of aged varnish.

* Apply one or two coats of Craqueleur Step 1 to your painted surface by brushing on in random directions. 2 coats will yield larger cracks. Allow to dry between EACH coat.

* Brush on a coat of Craqueleur Step 2 in any direction. A thicker coat will again yield larger cracks, but take care not to apply too thickly. Some let step 2 dry for about 10 or 15 minutes, then finish with a hair dryer on medium to high heat.

If you have an issue with it not cracking, it may because step 2 was too thin. * Immediately apply heat with a hair dryer or by placing outside on a warm, sunny day. Cracks will appear almost instantly.

* Allow to dry.

* Further enhance the crackle finish by rubbing Annie Sloan Dark Wax into the cracks.

* Remove excess with a soft cloth. Apply additional coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax to protect further. Buff when dry.

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